Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Cutout Effect in Adobe Photoshop

 Cut-outs are nice to see, aren't they? Let's see how we can give a cut-out look to an image through Adobe Photoshop...

Step 1
At first open the picture in Adobe Photoshop.

Picture in Ps
Step 2
Go to Filter → Filter Gallery.

Filter Gallery
Step 3
Choose Cutout. You can adjust 3 settings there. First setting is to adjust the levels. Increasing the level will increase the layer of the cut-outs and makes the picture more 'good looking'. Second setting can be used to adjust the simplicity of the edges. It means increasing the edge simplicity will increase the simpleness. And it will give the picture a simple look, if the value reaches 10. Third one is edge fidelity. Increasing the fidelity will increase the accuracy of the picture. I adjusted this picture with this levels. After adjusting the levels, click OK.

Adjusting the levels
That's all. You can use the image for posting in social networking sites, and I am sure that it will be 'liked' by your friends.