Sunday, 22 December 2013

Halo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Hi friends,
 Since this is my first blog post, I hope you will enjoy this. I am giving here a simple tutorial on how to give a Halo Effect (Camera Lens Flare Effect) -don't connect this with Psychology- to pictures through Adobe Photoshop. You can use the latest CC version or any of the CS version for getting this effect.  You can also watch the video tutorial I made.

Step 1
At first open the picture, which you want to give Halo Effect...

A picture opened in Adobe Photoshop

Step 2
Go to Filter → Render → Lens Flare.

You will be able to see 4 types of Camera Lenses there:
  • 50-300mm Zoom
  • 35mm Prime
  • 105mm Prime
  • Movie Prime
And each of them has it's on features. There is an option to adjust the brightness of flare.

Yeah. That's all. Adjust the brightness as your wish and don't forget to center the lens at correct position by moving the '+' sign in the picture. Here is the completed picture...