Saturday, 28 December 2013

Making a New Photo looks Older in Adobe Photoshop

Hi there, I am here with another interesting tutorial on Adobe Photoshop. If you don't wish to follow this text procedure, you can watch the video tutorial I've made on it.

Step 1
At first open the picture you want to make older.

Picture in Ps
Step 2
Go to Image → Adjustments → Color Lookup

Go to Color Lookup
Step 3
Choose 3DLUT FileLateSunset.3DL

Choose LateSunset.3DL
Now, your photo's appearance will be changed.

Appearance of picture when LateSunset.3DL applied
Step 4
Press Ctrl + B or Choose ImageAdjustmentsColor Balance. Adjust the settings in such a way that it makes your photo older.

Adjusted Color Balance
 That's all. You can add some Noises and Scratches using Filter option, to give the photo a realistic old look. You will get a final result like this...

Completed Image