Monday, 20 January 2014

How to Create Subtitles (.srt files) without any Software

 You might be excited to know how the subtitles in films are created. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create subtitles (.srt files) without the need of any additional other than our 'poor' Notepad.

Step 1
There is a simple format for creating subtitles in Notepad. You should assign it like this:

Format for creating subtitles in Notepad

 Time Format is very important. A slight difference will change the timing of subtitles. Time should be assigned in this way:  

I'll show you an example for creating subtitles. At first, open Notepad and type as follows...

An example
Step 2
Notice the time format. Now, go to File → Save As...

FileSave As...
Choose All Files (*.*) as Save as type.

Choose All Files (*.*)

After that select Encoding as Unicode.

Choose Unicode as Encoding type
Now save the file with .srt as extension. This is one of the main file extension for subtitles.

Save as srt file

That's all. If you have any doubts regarding this don't forget to post it and let me know..!