Friday, 17 January 2014

How to Install and Uninstall Fonts in Windows

 In Windows installing and uninstalling fonts can be done easily. Let's see how we can install a font. Before that, if you are trying to install a font by downloading from a website, take care to download from a website that you can trust.
To Install a Font 

Step 1
Open the font which you want to install.

Font installing window
Step 2
Click on Install.

Installing a font

Now, let's check whether the font is working correctly. Have a look at the font name and open a word processor. Here I am using MS Word. The name of the font I've installed is 'Structurosa'. Choose the font and type a few words. It will look something like this...

Checking the font
That's all about installing a font.

To Uninstall a Font

Now, let's see how we can uninstall fonts.

Step 1
Go to the search column in Start Menu and search for Fonts.

Searching for Fonts
Step 2
Select Fonts. Now a window a will open which contains all the fonts that are installed in the computer. Select the font you want to delete and click Delete. A confirmation message will be asked and click Yes to proceed the Delete.

Deleting the font
That's all guys. Hope this tutorial helps. If you have any doubt, don't forget to post it.