Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making GIF from video in Adobe Premiere Pro - Tutorial

 Hi guys, I'll show you how to create GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) from videos using the software Adobe Premiere Pro. I am using CC version to give this tutorial.

Step 1
At first, create a new project in Premiere.

Project Window in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Step 2
Import the footage and select the portion you want to make GIF from. Make sure to select a small portion, otherwise it will not work effectively.

Selected portion
Step 3
Now go to FileExport → Media. Choose Animated GIF from format and click OK.

Choose Animated GIF
Here is the rendered GIF...

Rendered GIF
You can adjust the settings and increase/decrease the frame size. That's all. If you have any doubts, please post it below and let me know. Also if you want any tutorials on this software as you think, note it down below. I'll work on it.