Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Use of Content-Aware Move Tool in Adobe Photoshop

 The use of Content-Aware Move Tool in Adobe Photoshop helps digital artists to perform some specific tasks such as moving the selected pixels to a certain part of image, making a copy of selected pixels and replacing them with accurate match with nearby pixels. While using the tool, you may notice that it have some similarity with Clone Stamp Tool. In this tutorial I'll show you the use of this amazing tool in simple words.

Step 1
At first open a picture that contains a group of specific things. Though it is not important, Content-Aware Move Tool works best with this type of pictures. Here is a picture I've opened in Photoshop.

Picture opened in Adobe Photoshop CC
Step 2
Here, in this picture you can see a group of Golden Trevally. Now, Select Content-Aware Move Tool  from the tools menu or Press J in the keyboard.

Content-Aware Move Tool

Step 3
There are two modes for Content-Aware Move Tool: Move and Extend.

Extend Mode
Let's select the mode Extend first. You can select it from the top.

Extend Mode selected
Step 4
Extend Mode is used to extend the selected pixels to a region which we like. Now select a specific pixels (portion) from the picture. To select a portion of picture, click and move the tool around it. See what I've selected here.

Selected pixels
Step 5
Now, click and drag it to a region which you like to merge it with. It is likely to be a copy-pasting of pixels.

You will be able see that the selected pixels are very much matching with nearby pixels

Step 6

Move Mode

Now, let's see the use of Tool while the Mode Move is selected. This mode, moves the selected pixels from a region to other.

Move Mode selected
Step 7
Select pixels as you have done before.

Selected portion
Step 8
Now, click and drag it to the region you need.

See how nicely the tool moves it

Yeah. That's all guys. Here is the final result...

Final Result
I think you have got an idea of this tool, don't you? If you have any doubt don't forget to post it and notify me...!