Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to Fix Memory card getting undetected in USB Modem

Today most of USB Modems have facility to read Memory cards. But sometimes due to the software error, there might be occasions when Memory card being undetected by the device. Here are three methods to fix Memory card being undetected in Windows while it is in USB Internet Dongle/Datacard/USB Wireless Modem/Netsetter. The methods given below works with almost all USB Modems such as Huawei Datacard, Idea Netsetter, Vodafone USB Stick, Airtel 3G Dongle etc...
Method 1

Try uninstalling and re-installing the USB Modem software.

Mobile Partner, a software in Huawei Datacards

Method 2
If the above method didn't solved your problem, go to this link. It's a free troubleshooting service offered by Microsoft named Microsoft Fix it to solve hardware and software related problems with advanced solutions. While going to this link, you'll need to download a small application which is sized at 200-300kb. This application will detect "Hardware devices not detected or not working" problems and automatically fix it. Run it and it will take sometime to get completely installed through internet depending on the speed of your connection. 
Microsoft Fix it
 After downloading and installing the troubleshooter, follow the steps given the troubleshooter.

Method 3
If the above two methods didn't solved your problem, go to this link and post your question there. It's a website that every Microsoft users must know in their daily life. There you can post your question and get answers from Microsoft Support Engineers.

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