Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to Fix getting error code 0x8004FF6F while attempting to uninstall MSE

Sometimes you might have experienced getting the error code 0x8004FF6F while attempting to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Here is a solution to fix this and uninstall MSE without any problem.

Step 1
Go to this link and click on Run Now button.

Microsoft Fix it Homepage
Step 2
You'll get a download link. Download the application.

Downloading Microsoft Fix it
Step 3
Run the application. Click Accept to continue.

Click Accept to continue
Now, it will detect the problems.

Detecting problems
Step 4
It will ask Are you having a problem installing or uninstalling a program? Since we are facing problem with uninstalling MSE, click on Uninstalling.

Click on Uninstalling
Now, it will detect problems regarding this.

Detecting problems in registry
Step 5
You'll get a window like this. Click on Detect problems and apply fixes for me.

Click on Detect problems and apply fixes for me
Step 6
Select Microsoft Security Client and click on Next.

Select Microsoft Security Client and click on Next
Step 7
You'll be asked to select Yes, try uninstall or No, try other fixes. Choose the first one.

Select Yes, try uninstall
 Now, the application will try to uninstall the program by resolving the problems.

Attempting to uninstall Microsoft Security Client

Step 8
You'll get a message Troubleshooting is complete when it is finished. And you could find whether it is fixed or not. Click Next to proceed.

Click on Next
Step 9
Now, you'll have to answer whether your problem is fixed or not. You'll see three check boxes there. Since it is stated that the program has been uninstalled and problems has been fixed, you can select the first check box. If you are not sure, you can verify whether it is uninstalled or not by going to Programs and features in Control Panel. If you see MSE again there, better choose one of the other boxes. [Optional] You can comment the opinion about the application. Then click Next.

Choose the first check box if your problem is solved
Step 10
Now you'll get a window like this providing an optional link to the website of Microsoft Support for further help. 

Get your PC's support in one place

You can find more solutions from Microsoft Experts and fix it completely. 

Homepage of Microsoft Support
 That's all guys..! If you've any doubts regarding this, please post it below and I'll reach you as soon as possible...