Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to Know Popularity of your Website/Blog

It will help us to make massive changes in our website if we could know how popular it is, isn't it? Yeah, I'll show you how to check the current status or rank of your website/blog in global level...
Have you heard about a website named Alexa Internet? If not, you must have noticed a name Alexa rank and number near to it, while surfing in Wikipedia and all. Here is an example.

Alexa rank of alexa.com
Step 1
So, we can find the global rank of our website too. For that go to the homepage of alexa.com. You'll see something like this there.

Homepage of alexa.com
Step 2
Now enter the name of your website there. Please note that, you'll get the status only if your site have some meaningful daily visitors.

Enter the name of your website
Press Enter. This will retrieve the current rank and no. of views of your site.

Rank and traffic details of google.com
That's all buddies. Try hard and make your website a big hit..!