Friday, 28 March 2014

How to Print Screen with Cursor in Windows

As you know, by default in Windows, you can Print Screen with Print Screen Key. But unfortunately, cursor will not be printed in it. Some may say that, pressing Ctrl + Print Screen will solve this issue..! Truly, it will not..! The only way to Print Screen with cursor is by using external applications.
I'll introduce you a free software for this purpose - Gadwin PrintScreen Proffessional. You can download it by clicking the link. It's a small software to Print Screen according to our will. Let me show you how to use it.

Step 1
Download and Install the software.

Download and Install Gadwin PrintScreen Proffessional
Step 2
Print Screen with a selected mode. Gadwin allows a user to Print Screen in three modes.
  • Full Screen Mode
Full Screen Mode
  • Window Mode 
Window Mode
  • Custom-Rectangular Area Mode
Custom-Rectangular Area Mode
That's all..! Print your Screen with cursor and enjoy..! 
Audacity window screenshot with cursor using Gadwin PrintScreen Proffessional
If you've any doubts regarding this, please post it below and I'll reach you as soon as possible.