Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to Schedule Shutdown and Hibernate in Windows

In Windows, we can schedule a task using the facility named Task Scheduler. So, let's check how can we schedule a Shutdown and Hibernate task to be performed later in Windows 7.
Step 1
Go to the Search column in Start Menu and type Task Scheduler or just Task and press Enter key.

Type Task Scheduler and press Enter
Step 2
On the right side, under Actions, click on Create Basic Task...

Click on Create Basic Task...
Step 3  
Give a name and description such as Shutdown PC or something like that to the task and click Next.

Give a name and description and click Next
Step 4 
Now, choose a suitable frequency for the task to be performed at your need and click Next.

Choose a frequency and click Next
Step 5 
Choose Start a program. You might be doubted when you choose this, but there is no need of doubt. Because this option is to perform tasks related with Starting to Ending of a program. Click Next.

Choose type of task and click Next
Step 6 
Specify the date and time of the task to be performed and click Next. [Note] Don't forget to choose whether it is AM or PM.
Specify time and click Next
Step 7 
After that type or paste this C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe in Program/script. Type /s in Add arguments to perform Shutdown and type /h to perform Hibernate. Click Next.

Type Program/script and click Next
Step 8 
Confirm the details and click finish.

Click Finish
If you change your mind and intend to remove the task from being performed, you can delete. 

Step 1
To do that select Task Scheduler Library on left side.

Select Task Scheduler Library
Step 2
From the list, choose the task and Right click and choose Delete.

Right click and choose Delete

Step 3
Click on Yes and confirm deletion.

Click on Yes
That's all. If you've any doubts, please post it below and I'll reply you as soon as possible.