Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Black & White and Colour Mix Effect in Photoshop

Although Black and White pictures have less impact now a days, majority of the Graphic Designers wishes to mix black & white with colour to produce new stylish images. With the help of Designing Softwares this has became more easier. Among them one of the popular graphic design method is, selecting one or some of the elements in a colour photograph and keeping them in colour while, the latter elements are converted to black and white..!

Since Photoshop has a vast number of tools and options, various methods have been adopted to implement this in a stunning way. And  here I'm providing you one of the simplest method that anyone can try if you've Photoshop installed in your system.

Step 1
As usual, open up a picture in Photoshop which have centralized elements in it. For eg: A man sitting on a bench, Bunch of flowers on a plant etc.. I'm insisting this because, the effect works well with this kind of images.

Step 2
Now convert the existing Background Layer to Regular Layer by Double-clicking on it or Right Click on it and choose Layer from Background....

Step 3
As you could see, the Background Layer will be named as Layer 0. Make a Duplicate Layer of it by Right Clicking on it and choose Duplicate Layer.... You can also make a Duplicate Layer from LayerDuplicate Layer....

Step 4
After that select the Duplicate Layer and choose ImageAdjustmentsBlack & White... or press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + B.

From the new window opened, set the Preset as Default and click OK.

Step 5
Good..! Now, this is the most important step. Make sure you've selected the Duplicate Layer and select the Eraser ToolEraser Tool. Erase where you want to keep the colour. Zoom (+) the image to make the erasing easier and accurate. Remember one thing, how much do you Zoom and Erase that much will be the precision and beauty..!

Step 6
Yeah.. we're almost done! When you've finished, select both of the layers and merge it by pressing Ctrl + E. Save the image in your desired format.

Well done..! Your completed image will look something like below.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you've any doubts please don't hesitate to post it below and I'll reach you as soon as possible..!