Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Convert/Encode Video and Audio using Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder, which is a stand-alone application that is mostly used along with Adobe Premiere Pro. It's a very useful tool, that can be used to encode or convert media files into our desired format. As some of the files are not directly supported for editing in Premiere Pro, you can use Media Encoder to encode them. In this tutorial, we're going to learn, how to do this.

Step 1
Launch Adobe Media Encoder.

Step 2
Go to FileAdd Source.... or press Ctrl + I.

Select the file you need to convert and click Open. Now your file will appear like this. Here I opened a MP4 file.

Step 3
Click on the drop down menu under format (near H.264, see the screenshot below) and choose the format of your output file. And if you click on H.264, Export Settings will be opened and you can set all settings that are described on Steps 4 and 5 through it. Export Settings window is similar to that in Adobe Premiere Pro. Here I chose MP3 as Output format.

Step 4
If you need to customize the Preset, click on the Drop-down menu and set it according to your wish. 

You can also set the Preset by clicking and dragging it from the Preset Browser (on the Right Side) and drop it on the Queue window.

Step 5
After that click on the Output File and select the location to save the output file.

Give a name to the file and click Save.

Step 6
When you've set all necessary settings, click on Start Queue (Return) button.

Good! You could see the progress of encoding on the Encoding window at left bottom.

That's all..! The output file will be in the directory you saved it. If you've any doubts, please don't hesitate to ask me by posting it below. I'll reach you as soon as possible.!