Sunday, 27 April 2014

Create Titles for Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

We all know that without attractive titles, a media presentation will not make sense among audience. And when it come to the case of films, titles have a major role for Opening credits. During the Post-production works, every film editor tries to make most out of this. Now a days, anyone can create stylish titles for their own footage with the only help of softwares. So, let's see how we can create a simple title using Adobe Premiere Pro in this tutorial.

I'm showing this tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is the latest version. You can try this with any version.

Step 1
Create a new project and sequence.

Step 2
Import the footage you want to add title.

Step 3
Now, go to TitleNew TitleDefault Still.... While choosing New Title you'll get 3 options such as Default Still..., Default Roll..., Default Crawl.... This describes the animation we would like to have for our titles. Here I selected the Default Still option and I'll describe about other two, later.

In the New Title window, specify the dimensions and name of the title. I recommend you to set it by default since it is more better. Then click OK.

Step 4  
Click on the Type Tool Type Tool or just press T on the keyboard. After that click on somewhere on the video as shown in the picture.

Step 5
Select a suitable font of your choice from the Font Family.

Set the Font Size.

Click on the White Rectangular Box near Color - under Fill - from the Title Properties panel and choose a suitable color from color wheel.

Type what you want to appear as Title.

[Optional - 1]
If you don't wish the appearance of video behind the title, while creating it, you can hide it by clicking on Show Background Video.

[Optional - 2]
If you would like to make the title appear on center of the video frame, you can do that by clicking on Vertical Center and Horizontal Center button on the toolbox which is on the left side of the Title Window.
Look at the title now. It will appear as something as in the figure below.

Step 6
Now, let's see how we can assign the title on the video. We can assign titles on a video in two ways;
  • As an overlay on the video
  • As a separate sequence
Let's see first, how we can make a title to appear as an overlay on the video. 

From the Project Bin, click and drag the Title and drop it on the track above the video, as shown in the screenshot below. Play the video to see how it appears.

Now, the second way; if you would like the title to appear on the opening of video, move the video along timeline to forward.

Then click and drag the Title and drop it before the video. And if you need the title to appear on end, drop it there.

That's all! If you've any doubts, please post it below. I'll reach you soon.