Thursday, 3 April 2014

Customize Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro

Customizing the default Video/Audio Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro is much easier than any other video editing softwares. Customizing transition in Adobe Premiere is otherwise said to be known as A/B Mode Fine-tune Transition. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to customize a transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC [No need to worry if you don't have this version, you can try this out from any CS version].

Step 1
At first create a new project and sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Creating a new project

Step 2 
Import the footage and add a transition on it.

Add a transition to video

Step 3 
Click on Effect Controls on the top of Source Monitor.

Choose Effect Controls

Step 3  
Now select the transition you've added to the video.
Select the transition
You'll get a window like this.

It is possible to change the direction, timing and alignment of a transition. Let's go to each of them one by one.

Step 4
You'll be able to see 4 small triangles around a small rectangular box on right side top in the Effect Controls Panel as shown in the figure. Clicking on them will change the direction of a transition either to North, South, East and West.

You can change direction by clicking on triangles

Step 5 
Next one is duration. You can change the duration of transition by specifying the seconds in number. Alternatively, you'll be able to see changes in transition on the video track.  

You change duration by changing the number

Step 6   
By choosing one of the Alignment you can set the alignment of transition to Center at Cut, Start at Cut or End at Cut.  

Choose alignment

Step 7 
Next we can set the duration of start time of A clip and end time of B clip by changing the number of seconds above the A clip and B clip. 

Change the start time and end time

Step 8
If we click on Show Actual Sources, we could see clips instead of the image A and B.

Show Actual Sources
Also, if we click on Reverse, the direction of transition will be reversed.

That's all..! When you're finished export and render your project. You can customize almost all of the transitions these way. If you've any doubts regarding this post, please don't hesitate to post it below. I'll reach you as soon as possible. Have a nice day..!