Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to Download a Wikipedia Article/Book as PDF

Wikipedia, the biggest free Encyclopedia has ranked #6 as the World's Most Visited Websites by Alexa. I hope you might have visited Wikipedia many times for references on varied topics. In this tutorial I'll show how we can download a Wikipedia Article as PDF. It's very useful so that we can use the Article offline. It's very simple and we will get the whole article including images with one click.

Step 1
Go to the Wikipedia Article you need to download.

Step 2
On the left side of the page, expand Print/export.

Step 3    
Now, there will be 3 options. Click on second one - Download as PDF.

After that, the Article will be rendered as PDF. You must have to wait some time, depending on the size of Article.

Step 4 
When finished you'll get a window like this. There click on Download the file

Save your file.

That's all..! Enjoy reading the downloaded Articles. You can download anything that is readable on Wikipedia like Articles, Books etc.. like this.