Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to Speed up Downloading in Slow Internet Connection using IDM

Have you cursed your ISP for slow internet connection, while your important downloading get stuck at somewhere in the middle? IDM or Internet Download Manager is one of the best downloading softwares available today. They accelerate the speed of downloading about 3 times than other downloading softwares. If you wish to have it installed in your computer, you can get one by going through this link. Here, in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to speedup downloading if you've got a very slow internet connection using IDM...!
Step 1 
Open IDM and click on Options.

Click on Options
Step 2
Choose Connection.

Choose Connection
Step 3
Under Connection Type/Speed select Low Speed: Dial Up modem / ISDN / Bluetooth / Mobile Edge / IrDA from the drop down menu.

Select Low speed

Step 4
Now, set Max. connections number as 1.

Set Max. connection as 1
Step 5
Click OK.

That's all..! Download something to test the speed. I can assure you that speed will be increased..! Because I've tested for my own and I'm using a very slow internet connection which have speed 40 kbps...! If you've any doubts please don't hesitate to post it below.