Thursday, 1 May 2014

How to Add Google Custom Search to your Blog

If Google Custom Search is added to your blog or website, it will help a visitor to search on your site and find what he needs directly from archives. Almost all of the popular sites are using this feature as it makes a visitor happy..☺. Let's learn how to add Google Custom Search (GCS) to our blog.

Step 1
Go to Google Custom Search.

Step 2
Now click on New search engine.

Step 3
After that enter the URL of your site.

Step 4
Fill other details, such as language and Name of the Search Engine. After finishing the details, click on CREATE.

Step 5
Now, you'll get a confirmation message. Click on Get code near Add it to your site.

Step 6
Copy the code given there.

Step 7
After that go to your Blogger Dashboard and select your blog. Then go to Layout. Click on Add a Gadget where you need to add Google Custom Search box.

Step 8
From the Gadgets, choose HTML/JavaScript and add it by clicking on '+' icon.

Step 9
Leave the Title section blank and paste the code on Content. Click on Save button.

Kudos..! You've successfully added GCS to your blog. Click on View Blog and have a look at it.

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And if you've any doubts regarding the implementation of GCS, please don't hesitate to drop it below and I'll reach you soon..!