Monday, 5 May 2014

How to Find the Creation Date of your Google Account

Out of curiosity, the creation date of your Google Account will be needed when you face any security issues with your account. And in this tutorial, we're going to learn how we can find, the date we created our Google Account.

Step 1
Go to Google Takeout.

Step 2
Click on Create an archive (no need to worry, you'll not be creating any archive).

Step 3
Now, expand Google + Circles by clicking on the black triangle near it.

Step 4
Click on Transfer your Google + connections to another account. Here also, no need to worry. You'll not be transferring it.

Huh..!! You're done! Under Source Account you'll find the creation date of your Google Account.!

If you've any doubts regarding this, please post it below and I'll reach you soon...