Monday, 9 June 2014

Complete Guide to Pass the Interview and Test for Animation/Multimedia Course

Multimedia and Animation Industry has became the most job offering fields in world now. Those who have artistic minds and passion towards this particular field, can have vast opportunities for their career fulfillment. Before you are getting admitted in any institution that provides courses on Multimedia and Animation, they will conduct an aptitude test and interview. You'll get admission only after passing these tests. And I'm aiming this post for newbies who are having little trouble and tension with their first-time test and interview.

Guide for passing Aptitude Test/Written Test

From my experience, most of the tests will be divided into different sections. For example; language section, social awareness section, drawing section... The marks will be calculated by totaling the scores you've obtained in each sections.

Learning Tips

  • Learn the names important films (both fiction and non-fiction) that won Academy Awards (or Oscars) and other awards. Also, learn the names of your regional films that have made significant changes. Reference: Academy Awards 
  • Learn the names of famous writers and their works. Mostly, learn about the your regional writers and their literary works. Reference: List of writers 
  • Questions about various art forms will be asked. Learn about various Performing Arts. Reference: Art

Guide for passing Interview

Interview will be conducted on either in English language or your Mother Tongue. Number of interviewers vary from two to five.

Focus Tips  

  • Consider keeping your portfolio with sketches, animations and films that you've made along with certificate before entering interview room. It's not necessary in some institutions.
  • Free up your mind from all worries before entering the interview room. Be confident of all things you've prepared off.  
  • Don't look all around the room and unnecessary things. Look at your interviewers. Keep in mind that your interviewers are watching your behaviour, gestures and manners.  
  • They will question your knowledge other than from the subject. So, be prepared for any type of questions. For example; they may ask you to tell five names of your nearby places, name of the cricketer that won most double centuries etc.
  • If you don't know the answer, tell them politely that you don't know it. Try to avoid over guessing and replying wrong answers.  
  • When they show off your marks that you've scored on the written test, don't express over happiness or sadness. Express yourself as you got what you expected even if it's negative or positive.
  • Don't forget to wish them 'Thanks' or 'Thank you' when the interview seems finished. They will not tell you whether you're admitted or not at that time. They will only say, 'We'll call you, if there is any chance..!!' and make you feel that you'll not get admission. So, don't worry. If you've performed well, they will definitely give you admission.   
 That's all..!! These are some tips and guides from my own personal experience after passing an interview for a Multimedia course.! So, I hope you'll find this helpful and feel free to drop your comments and doubts below.